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Air ambulance services

Emergency service for stroke patients

Air ambulance services

Patient transport


HTM Helitravel flies medical specialists
to patients in emergency situations

Telemedicine project for integrated stroke care
in South-East Bavaria

Emergency service for stroke patients

Since the beginning of 2018, HTM Helitravel has been able to play an important role in the medical care of stroke patients in rural areas.

Successful collaboration

The successful collaboration partners are partnering hospitals in South-East Bavaria, the ADAC Air Ambulance Service and HTM Helitravel.

Specialist support

Doctors in partnering hospitals in South-East Bavaria are supported by specialists from the stroke centres in Harlaching and Klinikum Rechts der Isar.

Flying Intervention Team (F.I.T.)

The concept of a Flying Intervention Team” (F.I.T.) makes it possible to save valuable time between diagnosis and a required intervention.

HTM and ADAC Air Ambulance Service are on standby

HTM is on standby with our modern AIRBUS EC135 from 08:00 h to 22:00 h from November to April. In the remaining months, ADAC Air Ambulance Service takes over the air emergency service.

A successful start

The project started on 01/02/2018. It is carried out in the form of a three-year study and financed by the Bavarian statutory health insurance funds.

What is the emergency procedure?

After receiving the emergency call, the specialist and his/her assistant from one of the centres in Munich are taken by helicopter to the respective partnering hospital. Meanwhile, the stroke patient is being prepared for the procedure at the local centre.

The streamlined process can save up to 100 minutes between diagnosis and intervention, thus minimising the serious late effects of a stroke.

The concept does away with numerous hand-overs to medical professionals and unnecessary and critical transfers of the patient to the various rescue systems.

A strong patient transport team

Helicopter ambulance services

The collaboration of HTM Helicopter Travel Munich GmbH, MKT Krankentransport Schmitt/Obermeier OHG
enables us, to carry out top quality patient transport services from abroad or to/from Bavaria.

The ambulance helicopter used for this purpose is an Eurocopter EC 135, which in accordance with the DIN standard
is equipped as a rescue helicopter and can be flown at night as well as during the day.
With long-standing experience in the field of medical transport services, MKT provides an emergency doctor,
an emergency paramedic with additional intensive medical training and the medical equipment.
The HTM rescue helicopter and its two pilots complement the team, allowing the respective
strengths of our two enterprises to complement each other in the best possible way.


  • Mobile stretcher with transport restraints
  • Ventilation unit: Oxylog 3000plus
  • Monitoring: 12 lead ECG with AED mode
  • External pacemaker
  • Syringe pumps, as required
  • Electric suction pump: stationary and portable (Accuvac Rescue)

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