Jet and VIP Shuttle Services

Leave stress behind. Rent your own jet to travel to your destination
—in all comfort, quickly and flexibly.

whenever you want to travel,
where ever you want to go!

Be independent of flight schedules and queues—HTM Jets let you enjoy the luxury of unlimited flexibility and maximum mobility. We at HTM Jets believe that a flight halfway around the world should not be more complicated than a taxi ride to the office!

HTM Jets has been operating successfully in the private jet sector at the highest level since 2007. Thanks to our many years of experience and highly qualified pilots, we offer our customers maximum safety.

Our professionalism,
your time and cost savings

  • Short distances in the VIP Terminal
  • Personalised check-in without waiting times
  • No time-consuming passport or customs controls
  • No delays from boarding or changing planes

We would be happy to provide you with a customised offer, tailored to your very needs.

VIP Shuttle Service

We can also take you by helicopter
directly to the apron of your desired airport
or pick up there. Travelling does not
get faster and more flexible than this.

Our services

Our services start with the professional planning and organisation of your flight. You will have a personal contact partner available to you 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
Whether a business jet or private jet, will be planned and carried out by us according to your individual requests. Your biggest advantage? We’ll bring you to the airport in either a limousine or a helicopter where you can board your jet and fly to your destination in comfort.
With us, experience a precision landing on all levels.

We fly from Munich to Paris starting from € 1000, including return on the same day from EUR 1,000
(with 8 passengers on board) Simply speak to our competent Sales team.

“Just flying from A to B—that’s not enough for us”

Let us fly you to your destination in all comfort, in one of our three Cessna Citation XLS.
Cabin dimensions
Total length of cabin 5.67 m
Cabin height 1.74 m
Cabin width 1.71 m
Total cargo space volume 2.24 m³





Cruising speed
Maximum speed 805 km/h
Long-haul 650 km/h


Maximum reach 3,519 km
Maximum flight altitude 13,716 m
State-of-the-art safety equipment
  • Enhanced Group Proximity Warning System (EGPWS)
  • Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCASII)
  • Fire safety equipment for all passenger seats
  • Water rescue equipment
Special equipment

Electrical outlets, snack area, microwave oven, auxiliary power unit, satellite telephone, air conditioning, speakers, information system, 6 tables, indirect ceiling lighting, toilet, 45° reclining seats


Let’s get airborne

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