Cargo and assembly flights

We are your flying crane

Be it in residential areas or in the mountains—we are your perfect partner for all kinds of sling loads up to a weight of 1,200 kg. Wherever access with vehicles is not possible, our helicopters will quickly and efficiently carry the requested materials to the site of operation.

• No crane required
• No necessity to build transport roads 
• Without leaving a trace in the nature

With our powerful, state-of-the-art fleet we can quickly and flexibly get to your site from our
bases in Ottobrunn and Salzburg.

A well-coordinated team of experienced pilots and qualified flight assistants works professionally and
with precision to successfully complete your assignment.

Safety as well as ongoing optimisation of all processes are our top priority. This is also supported by
regular training.

The focus of our daily work is on customer satisfaction.

Our assignments include

Supply of shelters in the mountains

Construction site set-up

Assembly flights

Log transport (logging)

Operations in urban/densely populated areas

Disaster and relief operations in the public interest:

We help in disaster situations such as:

  • Flooding
  • Land slides
  • Forest fires
  • Avalanches or storm damage

Our helicopters enable us to provide fast and flexible help for the respective area of operation by means of airlifts, reconnaissance flights, rescue operations and evacuations.

Fire fighting

  • With our ability to transport around 1000 litres of water per flight, sources of fire can be approached quickly and directly. In addition, fire fighters, ire fighting equipment and materials can be taken to the location where they are needed.

Livestock rescue

  • Safe rescue and rapid removal of injured livestock in inaccessible mountain regions

Avalanche blasting

  • Protection of roads, railways and ski resorts through the precise placement of explosives

Injured and perished animals (carcasses)

  • No necessity to build transport roads
  • Without leaving a trace in the nature

Our helicopter for cargo orders – AS 350B3e

  • Manufacturer: Airbus Helicopters

  • Engine: Turbomeca Arriel 2D

  • Performance: 847HP

  • Tare weight (without fuel): 1400 kg

  • Max. take-off weight with internal load: 2250 kg

  • Max. take-off weight with external load: 2800 kg

  • Cruising speed: 220 km/h

  • Range: approx. 600 km

  • Max. operation altitude: 7000 m

  • Seats: 1 pilot + 5 passengers

How many kilograms can we transport for you?

Elevation above sea level

Standard payload*

Maximum payload*

500 m

1100 kg

1200 kg

1000 m

1050 kg

1100 kg

1500 m

900 kg

1050 kg

2000 m

850 kg

950 kg

2500 m

750 kg

850 kg

3000 m

700 kg

800 kg

*Standard payload: at medium-range temperatures in the summer
*Maximum payload: in specific cases with optimum external conditions
(low temperatures, favourable wind conditions, favourable approach angle)

The following twin-engine helicopter models are available for use over densely populated areas (AS355N, several EC 135)

Helicopter model AS355N

Helicopter model EC135

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