Fire fighting

Aerial fire fighting

When it comes to fighting forest fires, we are your expert aerial firefighters. Our firefighter pilots are trained to the highest level and able to precisely and accurately drop the fire extinguishing bucket over bush and forest fires using the longline method. Our buckets are filled with water from rivers or lakes close to the fire and can therefore be quickly dropped over a fire, independent of other water resources. Alternatively, they can also be filled by ground crews using hoses.

Our aviation company is a member of the disaster control association MKT. The MKT coordinates the deployment of civil fire-fighting helicopters in Germany, also for international missions. You can also request our fire-fighting helicopters directly with us.
Our perfectly equipped fire-fighting helicopters are also available for leasing.

Our equipment

We fly with AS350 B2 or AS350 B3 helicopters and have at least 3 external extinguishing water buckets available at all times:

Dart Fire Bucket á 1.000 litres

1 Semat F 1.000 bucket of 1,000 litres

Aerial fire fighting

AS350 B2

Aerial fire fighting

AS350 B3

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HTM Helicopter
in action

What looks like a real disaster is a drill. Emergency crews simulated a forest fire in Feldkirchen-Westerham near Munich on Saturday.

“As a result of climate change, extreme situations such as forest fires
are becoming more frequent”, explains drill instructor Florian Brummer from the medical disaster relief organisation MHW. “Germany also needs to prepare for this.”


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